The Venn Diagram Dabit Necklace is a small pendant with a design resembling a complex pattern of one of the most basic tools used to represent a logic problem. The front of the surface offers a stable place to break apart concentrates and the back portion contains a small dab tool, discretely stored in the inset.

The Good

The Venn diagram is a simple graphic tool for looking at the relationship between sets of data. Of course, this design would include so many intertwining sets of data, it would require an AI algorithm to even begin filling in, let alone processing. Instead of thinking about the mathematical or reasoning implications, it’s best just to appreciate the design. Though it is an accessory, the small flat surface works in a pinch when you need to break apart a concentrate like when at a concert or camping and there’s no table nearby. The small dab tool on the back stays secure while on the go and works much better than trying to dab with your fingers.

The Bad

Without a steady hand and a bit of fingernail growth, dabbing by hand can turn into a painful experience.

The Ugly

Leaving some dab residue on the tool while wearing this public and getting a look of disapproval from your Uber driver.