The Nautilus Dabit Necklace is a functional accessory, ideal for those who love the sea. The front side features an image of the nautilus shell which serves as a small tray to break up concentrates while in a pinch. The backside includes a small dab tool that securely stores within a special inset.

The Good

Ahoy, landlubber! Did ya know, the nautilus be one of few creatures today to still swim the seas since ancient times? A seadog of the deep blue Indian and Pacific seas, this beast hornswaggled itself from certain death since prehistoric ages, outliving their close relative the ammonite. Livin’ in the dark depths where monsters be rumored to roam, many a freebooter passed the nautilus on their way to Davy Jones locker. Ye can’t keep the beast without a sophisticated tank, but you can wear a symbol of this creature around your neck. Tis more comfortable than ropes used at the gallows.

The Bad

Because an untarnished shell is valued by collectors, deep sea trapping created a significant decline in the population of nautilus, so conservation efforts are in effect to protect this animal.

The Ugly

Randomly breaking into pirate talk at inappropriate times.