The 6-Point Dabit Necklace is pendant with a strong symbolism and functionality. The front surface is decorated with a 6-point star and serves as a platform for breaking apart concentrates. The back of the necklace includes a small dab tool which sits securely inside an inset.

The Good

The hexagram has been used as a symbol for everything from the mystical talismans to ninja star designs. At some point in your life, you’ve likely considered either summoning an evil spirit or stopping a foe with a ranged weapon. Unfortunately, this item has been rigorously tested in séance rituals and stealthily missions where it has proven useless in both enslaving humans and stopping assailants. Though this can’t help with infiltrating enemy bases, it’s helpful for dabbing in a pinch. The small dab tool can be summoned to assist with separating and utilizing concentrates while the front surface provides a small area for splitting up dabs.

The Bad

Waiting in the shadows to silently take down an approaching foe but blowing your cover because you brought Cheetos along for a snack.

The Ugly

Summoning an ancient demon who refuses to do your bidding and keeps asking if you can smoke him out.