Our Story

The tale for Everythingfor710 begins as a spinoff to Everythingfor420 storyline. In this new series, our heroes from the first adventure decide to pursue another path while continuing their siege on a specific segment of the marijuana industry. By combining new powers and incorporating a diversified brand of techniques, the heroes persist in waging war against one of smoker’s biggest enemies.

Smoking dabs is pricey.

The formula used in the first round was indeed working. But as any good strategist knows, you'll eventually need to mix up your tactics. Stylish, new combos and the addition of some fancy footwork come together to form an effective variation, based on the original formula. With additional moves in the arsenal, the additional firepower aids in the accomplishing the overall goal.

Sell quality products at a great price.

Here, you'll find great deals on bangers or nails, dab tools, dab mats, silicone containers, apparel, and more.

Equipped with a different array of products and package deals, our heroes push forward in this battle. The complimentary pairing of the two sites aims to aid our smoker allies, providing much needed supplies as fast as possible. With the extra support from customers, more snacks will be consumed as Everythingfor710 brings high-quality items to the market at a great price.

The 710 Directive

It’s a rewarding feeling to have a functional business model with a low-profit margin that doesn’t sell dumb shit. During the first endeavor, we found neat items from that didn’t quite fit into our "420 model," but we still wanted to get these products to our customers without compromising the rigid price structure we set for ourselves. With Everythingfor710.com, we're able to expand our inventory with different items as well as offer valuable package deals.

The Same Sales Model and Unique Inventory

In the most basic sense, dabbing items that we liked but couldn’t offer on Everythingfor420.com made their way here. Too, this site focuses strictly on providing products for dabbing, rather than the whole spectrum of smoking goodies.

Like our other site, many of the items we provide won’t be permanent fixtures. Quite simply, sometimes the folks who make these things like to shake things up or just get sick of making the same stuff. When this happens, we’ll replace our inventory with their new variations.

If you waited too long to pickup something you liked, feel free to get in touch and we’ll look into it for you.

For real. Just $7.10, right?

If you’ve cruised the web looking for deals on dab supplies, you’ve likely found everything between sketchy, cheap shit and luxurious items at a high price. And here we are, following neither model.

Though aesthetics are important to our selection process, items we offer are carefully chosen to balance good looks with quality while meeting our unwavering price point of $7.10. All products are precisely weighed such that we ship these products for the exact price charged by our preferred shipping partner, the USPS.

For additional questions you may have, take a look through our FAQs page for answers. Otherwise, feel free to jump right in and start shopping our selection of nails and bangers, vaping supplies, or dab tools, among other collections.