The most portable way to enjoy your concentrates is with a vaping pen. W carry a variety of atomizers and batteries, most of which connect to your existing equipment or each other with a standard 510 (also called eGo) battery.

The basis for the design of modern vaping units first came about in 1963 when a man named Herbert Gilbert patented the initial design. Though it never went commercial, this was the first instance of a “smoke free” solution for smokers as nothing truly burns. In 2003, the modern e-cigarette was patented in China by a man named Hon Lik.

How Do Vape Pens Work?

Without getting too technical, the battery behaves as a power supply which feeds power into the atomizer unit where the coil is connected. Much like the filament a lightbulb, the coil heats up and vaporizers the material via conductive heating, whether a kind of wax stuck to the coil or an oil stored in the chamber.

The coil heats to a temperature lower than what is used to combust regular, flowery bud. Different cannabinoids contained in the concentrate activate by essentially boiling, releasing both the chemical compound and water vapor.

Selecting an Atomizer

The main functions of an atomizer are to furnish a chamber where the concentrate combust takes place as well as a supply an interface for connecting the battery and coil. To keep it simple, you will find two primary kinds of atomizers in our store.

Wax atomizer –these devices don’t offer a liquid-tight seal and easily come apart for the sake of easily applying a wax concentrate directly to the coil.

Oil atomizer –these kinds of atomizers create a seal for holding oily liquids inside. The oil inside the chamber comes into contact with the coil where it is heated and vaporized.

Selecting a Battery

You’ll find a few electrical specifications attached to various batteries which determine the power fed to the coil and serve as guideline for how long each unit last between charges. Each unit contains a rechargeable lithium-ion batterywhich connects to a 510-thread USB adapter which then is then plugged into wall adapter.

Though you can find elaborate batteries with highly modifiable settings, most units we offer are built for simplicity. In this sense, the primary difference in the batteries, aside from appearance and size, relates to the mAh(milliamps per hour) indicating how long the battery lasts.

In the simplest sense, you can look at it as the number of puffsyou get from each battery. The higher the number, the overall more efficient the unit when it’s new.

Batteries we stock are smaller, meaning they favor portability over capacity. With a 350 mAhbattery, you can expect to get around 200 puffs and a 250 mAhwill net around 150 puffs, while the battery is new. Though there are several other factors affecting this number, most models will allow moderate smokers the ability to get through an entire day or more without needing to recharge when the battery is properly charged and in good repair.