Concentrates for dabbing and vaping come in all different varieties including, wax, shatter, and budder, to name a few. When you purchase these from a dispensary, you’ll typically get a makeshift container or parchment paper which isn’t ideal for storing these products in the long term.

The common denominator for all concentrates is stickiness. If you attempt to put any in most standard containers, you’ll end up wasting a significant amount over time as the residue will adhere to plastics, glass, and metal.

The major advantage to the silicone containers we carry, as well as other rubber-based designs, is the surfaces prevent the concentrate from sticking to the surface. Each also create a seal, preventing air and moisture from getting inside and degrading the material. Note that these are intended for storing solid concentrates and not oils, which can leak from the container.

Selecting a Container

Picking a container primary boils down to preference all serve the same purpose. Some are larger than others while some offer various compartments or come with more than one container. If you keep a variety of different concentrates, you’d better offer going with a few smaller containers or a segmented container.

It’s also a good ideal to use a dab mat in conjunction with dabbing as these provide a surface to catch drips from a rig as well as an area to break up your concentrates. To wipe down your rig or drips, we suggest using a dab rag which can be reused if properly maintained.