While the saying, “The best things in life are free,” holds true for non-material aspects of out lives, other things have a price tag. For the things in life we can touch, the more exclusive the item, the better. Here, unique and wonderful items come with $7.10 for “limited time” as the name suggests.

For many items in our stock, their production is subject to the manufacturer, but we expect these items to stick around for a while. In other cases, certain items we can only get in small quantities or one of our team members happens to stumble across a rare find that fits our sales model.

The Limited Edition Collection

Other collection areas of our site are designated to specific 710 functions, but this area contains a bit everything. Here, you’ll find our most unique bangers and nails, dab tools, dab rags, silicone containers, vape pen components, as well as weed-themed apparel, from our primary collections.

We’ll also carry other unique 710 items here too, falling outside of our primary categories, so long is has some character. If you’re looking for individual items for yourself or as a gift, make sure to come back often. Keep in mind, when something is gone, it may be gone for good!

If you happened to see something you liked but didn’t buy it in time, feel free to reach out using our contact page. We’ll do our best to locate your requested item if you missed your chance the first time.