Whether you’re dabbing with a banger or nail, another couple pieces of equipment need to be part of the process. A dab tool assists you in breaking apart your concentrates, ideally on a dab mat made from a non-stick surface, such as silicone plus, help scoop out a serving from your containers. The main function of the tool is dropping your dab into a smoking device, preventing burns to your fingers.

These tools are typically made from stainless steel which is, well, strong as steel and won’t easily oxidize when exposed to extreme temperatures. Most tools feature a sharp end that’s ideal for breaking up more rigid concentrates, such as shatter, while the “scoop” end aids in dropping the dab into a heated dab apparatus.

We carry a variety of different tools, each with their own unique charm. Most of our items feature popular characters with varied pop-culture references innate to each individual piece.

Picking a Dab Tool

Most dab tools are fairly consistent in design. The biggest difference you’ll see roots in the material used for certain items.

To be brief, metal dab tools are to be used when dropping dabs into a hot banger or nail. The silicone dab tools are designed for scraping concentrates from a container to be placed in vaporizer, allowing the substance to “slide in,” preventing leftover residue from sticking to the surface to the tool.

You’ll find some metal tools that serve dual purpose as some feature a carb cap for guiding smoke into your banger or nail. Here, we also have necklaces containing small dab tools built into the back of a stylized pendant, featuring a non-stick front surface for breaking up concentrates.