A dab mat is essentially a coaster to be used in conjunction with dabbing as it useful for breaking up concentrates with your dab tool or catching drips from a banger or nail. These wonders come in all shapes and sizes plus, there are a variety of materials used to make these useful items, plus most make for fun conversation pieces.

A dab mat is recommended for use in conjunction when dabbing from a rig for a couple reasons. The material (often silicone) provides an ideal, non-stick surface for breaking up your concentrates. Another advantage is that these can catch anything that drips while dabbing, hence saving either your precious wooden table or beloved Ikea furniture.

Picking out a Proper Dab Mat

This is one of those areas where your preference is the biggest deciding factor in the selection process. Aside from your style preferences, the other part in your selection process should be based on size.

For most of us, a small dab mat gives us a surface to break-up our concentrates without damaging the wax paper it came in or chasing a chunk around container like a child (or honest, many of us adults) fixated on eating a specific bit of cereal in their bowl.

Most rigs tend to drip plus, clumsy friends may be awry, so it’s helpful for catching goo before it turns into a problem. They also serve as regular coasters as well so if you find one you like, it might not be a horrible idea to get a matching set so beer bottles and the likes don’t leave rings on your furniture.